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Dangers of being professional strongman

Died professional strongman
Mike Jenkins was one of the emerging generations of strongman, who stunned the audience and commanded respect opponents.

He, like his compatriot Brian Shaw orIcelander Hawthorn Bjornson real giant
Its height of 198 cm and 170 to 180 kg weight was unforgettable and vigor with which he entered the professional scene, really extraordinary.
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In the world of strongman Mike Jenkins came in 2007 when he won the competition of Maryland’s Strongest Man.
As a former American football player at the position of the attacker possessed great speed and coordination, which resulted in disciplines based on carrying extreme loads at a distance.

He quickly picked up, increasing his weight and strength, and in 2010 won the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships, thereby gaining professional cards and also the right to compete in the same competition, but among professionals in the following year.

In 2010, still managed to grab second place in the competition America’s Strongest Man, but with legendary strength and vigor of a tornado on the professional scene discovered until a year later when in an extremely strong starting field won second place at the Arnold

Strongman Classic 2011 (the third pushed the legendary), and a year later you from the competition took away valuable title when created three world records (logs in stroke, stroke dumbbells and carrying a wooden fence).

Conclusion Mike’s last year’s competition season was marred by injuries.
After the fifth spot on the World’s Strongest Man 2012 competition announced a break due to a knee injury and the rehabilitation and return to form again appeared to more than half a year later, a series of competitions


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. To maintain and improve the physical fitness of the child

Show many of the research studies and a large number of obese children; with the situation in mind that this number is sometimes sleeps in the mother should know that this is usually due to the lifestyle of the child. Obesity in children usually have a negative impact on the quality of life of the child, so the mother always worry about maintaining her physical fitness, which you need to kind of special care and permanent training.

Sport is an important element to preserve the life and health of the child, taking into account that the non-exercise by the child of the sport and make it part of his life is not going to make it in good health.

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And the mother to make sports part of her daily routine and part of his life until it becomes a natural progress of the child’s age. You must have the opportunity in front of the child in school age to exercise and activities appropriate to the age, interests and abilities.

Sports should be part of your child’s daily routine, and your child can be active through the exercise of certain things such as assistance in the tasks of the home. You idea to keep some of the machinery inside the house and purposes such as sports balls, ropes and should not be expensive for such purposes.

You as a parent to try to practice some sports activities with your child while reducing the time your child watch television. You should be doing the assessment of your child’s condition and the level of physical fitness.

The mother should be aware that every child is physically different from the other child and that the child may be strong in some points, and the most vulnerable in other areas. The mother should also be aware of the child’s young age may be more susceptible to infection and the mother also should develop a plan for her to help him in maintaining his fitness