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Mallow protects the heart and regulate your digestion

Mallow containing vitamin “A”, which keeps the body, as it contains substance “chlorophyll green”, and substance beta carotene at a higher rate than those found in carrots, lettuce and spinach. And turn the article “carotene” in the body to vitamin “A” which strengthens the immune system, and increases the body’s resistance to infections and diseases, it also strengthens the review, and to preserve the membranes of many members, and protects it from premature aging and corrosion, while playing vitamin “B” major role in converting food into energy and amino acid secretion, and increased secretion of hormones, especially masculinity

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Mallow explains Clinical Nutrition, containing material mucosa called and a large amount of fiber, which turned those adhesive bond without complications have to IBS patients, and those suffering from digestive disorders and problems of the stomach, and are therefore easy meal digestion The softeners, which help get rid of constipation and ease the process of output, ease of celiac disease to the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Studies have shown that mallow has a substance in large quantities compared with onions, parsley and garlic, as that article contain phenolic compounds such and a material protects the body, which is known free footloose and oxidizing, which operates as a reducing agent in blood vessels and lead to hardening of the arteries and increase blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disorder, and in some cases exposure to heart attacks.

As research has confirmed that eating mallow reduces those risks, and averts the long list of those diseases.
The benefits of the mallow holder:

Mallow is considered an ideal food for pregnant women, as it is one of the more plant foods contain vitamin A, which is one of the most important vitamins that help to maintain the health of the mother and her unborn child, and also contains mallow.

Material, and it is characterized by some of the bitterness in the taste, helps build red blood cells and anemia that accompanies periods of early pregnancy, as well as containing adequate amounts of vitamin C, known for its ability to stop the bleeding, and broken red blood cells, as they contain Iron is also an element necessary for hemoglobin.