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. Disorder esophageal sphincter lead to difficulty swallowing

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Disorder esophageal sphincter lead to difficulty swallowing
Difficulty swallowing or lack of control in the food, which enters the mouth problem may come across, but you will not be able to handle it, difficulty of swallowing have multiple causes, as illustrated by advisory diseases, ear, nose and throat, saying, difficulty swallowing has multiple causes and occur in the vast majority of senior Age.

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Speaking difficulty swallowing in the throat or in the middle of the chest and go through the process of swallowing a number of steps such as chewing food and reduce its size to be easy to swallow then expands the pharynx to be able to absorb the food and then mess up the esophagus, where you start the muscle upper to the beginning of the esophagus sag may occur difficulty swallowing disorder because of the esophageal sphincter, leading to the accumulation of eating and drinking and not to the bottom of the esophagus enters the stomach, giving the feeling that food is stuck, so as to not chew well.

It is possible that the aging main reason behind the lack of cohesion of the muscles of the esophagus and symptoms may reveal injury with difficulty swallowing including the existence of pain while swallowing food with a sense of the acidity of the throat, and with a decrease in weight without genuine reasons for it with a sense of pneumonia and difficulty swallowing may lead to not supply the body with fluid, and the arrival of the bacteria in the stomach so often Knowing the reason for difficulty swallowing important to avoid.


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