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What causes the injury sliding cartilage?

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Is a slipped disc or disc of the common complaints, says by a famous, a professor of orthopedic surgery, that the most important causes of injury include:

Twice the normal genotype in cartilage tissue
Sudden rotation of the upper part of the body
Heavy lifting or push it in an unhealthy way
Continued to sit and lack of exercise, which leads to pressure on the rear portion of the cartilage, which leads to swelling and rupture
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Muscle weakness increases the likelihood of injury to slip cartilaginous
When the elderly have reason is the roughness and friction.

He added that the slipped disc or disc occurs when a torn ligament anterior annular surrounding cartilage, leading to leakage of soft tissue of the position, which put pressure on the cautious one of the nerves leading to the feeling of excruciating pain, and may extend the pain areas, buttocks, legs and feet as it is at birth.

This is in addition to that most of the cases it can overcome the pain slipped disc through the abuse of pain relievers, accompanied comfortable, and in that period the patient must not bend or lift heavy loads.
Famous patient is advised to start physical therapy sessions including exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.


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